CREATE Liner Brush

CREATE Liner Brush

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My Create Liner is ideal for any Nail Art Designs! From Line work to the smallest details. Comes with matching cap for easy storage. 

Made of NYLON HAIRS and come with matching cap for easy storage.
Measures 9mm

Brush Care:

  • Always clean your brush with 70% alcohol or clear gel ( Base or Top) or you can use a dry lint free wipe.
  • Never use Acetone this can dry out the hair of the brush and cause it to fray.
  • Never let your brush get in front of your light, this could cure any gel left in the hairs.
  • Always put the cap on your brush carefully to avoid bending the hairs.
  • Always store your brush with the cap on.

Tip: If you ever find your hairs have bent you can simply dip the hairs in boiling water and this will straighten them back.


*Due to monitor/mobile phone differences the color of products may appear slightly different on screen than in person. Colors may Vary.