About Me

Hi and Welcome!!

My name is Yolee Hicks a.k.a DYMENAILS (pronounced Dime) I’ve been in the nail industry since 2016. I’ve always been very artistic and have had a love for art. I actually studied fine arts from grade school all the way through college. When I decide to become a nail artist it felt like such a natural transition. Of course now my canvas is a lot smaller. In 2020 I decided to share my love and passion for nail art by teaching online workshops. I’ve had the pleasure of teaching my creations and techniques to hundreds of students from around the world.

When I teach I like to go on my students pace. I always try my best to break down all the steps so that anyone can do what I do. I give my students time to absorb and ask as many questions as they can. I teach because it truly brings me so much joy and happiness. Every time a student sends me their creations after one of my workshops if makes my heart so full. 

And Now in 2022 I've been able to bring my biggest dream to life by creating my own product line featuring MARBLE QUEEN INKS. I have worked so hard to expand my brand to create and bring you quality products and supply artist with the tools to create incredible nail art. I HOPE YOU LOVE THEM AS MUCH AS I DO!!!!

THANK YOU for buying my products or considering taking one of my workshops. I promise it’s worth ever penny. Remember INVESTING in yourself and your business is the best thing you can do!  


If you have any questions at all about my workshops please don't hesitate to reach out to me on my Instagram @dymenails or Email me at dymenails@gmail.com